Rap Sheet

Illegally Owned is a lifestyle brand founded by Samad Dukes.  He takes account of his life growing up and how the communities around him shaped his sense of self. It is unfortunate how society can judge one another simply  because they don't understand the culture that motivates and influences one's actions. Not knowing the story behind a community, and what their people must go through when making lifestyle choices, contributes to this misunderstanding. Illegally Owned speaks for the misunderstood and how their persona is copied to become a commodity that the rest of the world can benefit from. The brand also stands for having something that is not easily accessible but obtained by any means necessary. 

Heavily inspired by the concept that we don't own our culture, and once it is exploited, we are transformed from an oddity into a novelty. Illegally Owned is set to tell the story of the good, bad and the ugly. The object is to create a sense of community one artifact at a time no matter where you are in life. 

The Verdict is Illegally Owned is designed to be appreciated and understood. The luxury of being able to wear timeless pieces. 

Court is adjourned !